A stylish addition to your Kenwood Chef

The Kenwood Chef can be customised by adding any of our optional attachments to suit different tastes and skill levels. This stylish glass bowl lets you whisk, mix and fold in style.

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The Chef sized glass mixing bowl features built in handles with an easy pour design. With a 4.6 litre capacity and fully dishwasher safe, this glass bowl is the perfect addition for your Kenwood Chef kitchen machine.

This fits all Kenwood Chef models (KM, A901, KMM, KMC etc) manufactured after 1976 (not A700 series). For kMix kitchen machines please see item AX550 instead. 

A glass bowl is not available for Major models. (6.7l bowls).

Will this attachment fit my machine?

This attachment will fit the following machines:

  • A701/ A707 (Manufactured before 1976) - NO
  • A901/A907 (1976 onwards)  - YES (Chef Only - Not Major) 
  • Chef/Major models beginning with KM - YES (Chef Only - Not Major)
  • Sense/ Sense XL (KVC/ KVL) NO
  • kMix Stand Mixers - NO
  • Prospero - No
  • Patissier - No
  • MultiOne - No

The model number can be found on the underside of your machine - e.g. KM330, KMC501, KM010 etc. 

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