About the Chef XL Sized Puree and Sieve

Chef Sense XL Sized Puree and Sieve - KAB930ME Zoom IconsView Gallery

Purée or sieve ingredients straight into the bowl. This Chef XL size colander and sieve comes with a choice of two screens with a fine side for sieving sauces and sifting flour and coarse side for sieving hard ingredients.

Will this attachment fit my machine?

This attachment will fit the following machines:

  • A701/ A707 (Manufactured before 1976) - NO
  • A901/A907 (1976 onwards)  - Yes (Major 6.7l Models)
  • Chef/Major models beginning with KM - Yes (Major 6.7l Models)
  • Sense/ Sense XL (KVC/ KVL) Yes - SENSE XL ONLY (6.7L BOWL)
  • kMix Stand Mixers - NO
  • Prospero - No
  • Patissier - No
  • MultiOne - No

The model number can be found on the underside of your machine - e.g. KM330, KMC501, KM010 etc. 

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