Kitchen Machines & Food Mixers

Prepare delicious food with our range of food mixers

If you’re looking for a food mixer that boasts true versatility and style, then look no further. Whether you’re an experienced chef or just starting out, cooking for one, or catering for guests, you’ll find the ideal kitchen companion in our innovative range.

We have mixers to suit your cooking style and requirements from light, everyday cooking to experimental, professional dishes. Try our Patissier mixer, great for passionate bakers. Or discover the award-winning MultiOne, our practical and elegant solution for everything in the kitchen. Premium quality and engineered with you in mind, these mixers are an amazing addition to your home.

We know variety in your kitchen is paramount. That’s why we pour Kenwood’s trademark versatility into our entire selection of food mixers. We design all of our models to maximise your potential and make your recipes as delicious as possible. Whether you want to bake incredible bread, make homemade sauces like a professional, or create unforgettable desserts, we provide the tools to do so. And now you can get even more out of your Kenwood mixer. Thanks to our wide range of attachments for the kMix and Prospero lines, as well as the Chef and Major range, you can prepare food in exciting new ways. Built with variety and precision in mind, Kenwood food mixers let you create food exactly the way you want to.

Our expert engineering and innovative design ensure superb performance every time you use your Kenwood mixer. Designed to suit your lifestyle, our range of mixers also boasts uniquely patented features to give you top performance in the kitchen. Our revolutionary planetary mix action guarantees a more thorough mix of ingredients, while our trademark K-beater tool reaches areas of the mixing bowl that other tools can’t. And Kenwood mixers don’t just produce excellent results — they also make cooking hassle free. Our mixers are easy to clean, intuitive to use and built to last. Your new mixer will be the ultimate kitchen companion now and in the future.