The perfect slicing, grating and chopping solution for a healthy lifestyle

Create fresh salads, sauces, dips and dressings with no fuss and no mess in the super compact Veggie Express. Our Quad blade system and reversible slicing and grating disc ensure all ingredients are chopped, sliced and grated quickly and evenly and can be dispensed into the 500ml bowl or straight to the plate using the direct serve lid.

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Grate or slice straight to your plate

Prepare as much or as little as you need, directly to your plate or bowl.

Slice cucumber, carrots, avocados, cabbage, courgettes or squash for stir fries salads and more. 

Hard cheeses such as Parmesan or Cheddar can be grated quickly to stir into sauces or for topping toast, pizzas or potatoes. Grate fruit and veg for a speedy way to eat more healthily.

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Fast chopping

Chop a wide variety of ingredients from root vegetables to fresh herbs, quickly and efficiently.

From chopping fresh herbs, garlic, nuts and spices, to crushing ice and making sauces and dips, the Veggie Express can do it all and so much more. It comes with a choice of blades for coarse fine chopping and blending.

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Choice of speeds

With two speeds and a simple push down control, preparing food is fast and easy. When chopping, a short burst will ensure more coarsly chopped results. 

Mayonnaise Lid.

Create smooth creamy mayonnaise in minutes using the specially designed lid that allows oil to be gently added at a slow continuous speed. Make it fresh from home and you can avoid all those unwanted additives and plastic bottles from branded produce. 

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Space saving

Small enough to keep on your worktop - Veggie Express takes a tiny amount of space and can be left out for continual day to day use. It will quickly become your 'go-to' product in your kitchen. 

Direct Serve

Grate or slice ingredients straight onto a plate or into a serving or mixing bowl. Fresh food. Fast. Every time. 

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The important bits:

•Prepare food straight to your plate
•Choice of two speeds
•Simple push down control
•Four blades for speed and efficient performance
•Neat and compact
•Dishwasher safe accessories
•500ml capacity bowl
•500W motor

Healthy food made easy!

Not only is Veggie Express easy to use and easy to clean, it really does take the hassle out of food preparation. Chopping onions without tears, slicing vegetables for soups and salads and grating cheese for pasta and pies is easy. 

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