Classic Chef KM336

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  • Slow Speed Outlet

    Slow Speed Outlet

    You will find this behind the removable cover at the front of the kitchen machine. Use this outlet to run our high quality pasta roller, shaper and cutters, food mincer, rotary slicer/grater, grinding mill and fruit press.

  • Total Mixing

    Total Mixing Action

    Instead of following the routine circular motion used by most mixers, our total mixing action thoroughly combines every ingredient inside the bowl, including all the mix that would otherwise stick around the sides and the base. This gives you a consistent mixture and better results, whether you’re whisking up a single egg white or kneading kilos of dough.

    A test of good performance is how well the ingredients are mixed in the bowl.  While most beaters rotate in a circular motion the Kenwood bowl tools move in a planetary motion.

    Kenwood’s total mixing means that while the beater revolving in one direction, the socket turns in the opposite direction making sure that all the mixture is picked up from around the bowl.
    It is consistent whether you are whisking one egg white or 2.4kg of bread dough.

    Pulse and fold

    • Pulse speed – circa 14000rpm for high speed blending of ingredients in the blender.
    • The pulse function is continuous until the button is released.
    • Pulse can be used during heating however, if the temperature of the bowl is above 60°C, then it will be limited to around 3500rpm.
    • Fold function – 2½ revolutions at a very slow speed (22rpm) to carefully fold ingredients together when cold mixing. For example folding sugar into egg whites when preparing meringues.
    • The fold function is continuous if the button is held down, otherwise it will act for 1 cycle of 2½ revolutions.
    • Fold can be used during heating.
    • Neither fold or pulse functions are effected by the position of the control knob.
    • The speed LED light will flash during either fold or pulse.
  • Bowl


    4.6 litre bowl for all kneading, mixing and whisking requirements.

  • Blender

    High Speed Outlet

    This outlet is located at the back of the head of the machine and uses the maximum amount of wattage to drive the high speed attachments. Use this outlet to run our blender, compact chopper/grinder, continuous slicer/grater, juice extractor and citrus juicer.

  • Automatic electronic speed control

    Automatic electronic speed control

    Automatic electronic speed controlwith pulse maintains speed and power regardless of load.

  • Simple "pop-up" head lift

    Simple "pop-up" head lift

    Simple "pop-up" head lift for quick and easy tool change and bowl removal.

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