Get ready to detox and improve your health with the Kenwood Smoothie2Go.

We all want to get healthier, and there’s no better time than right now! Smoothies and soups can help you to detox your body, providing it with key nutrients to improve your immune system, as well as aiding in exercise training.

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The Smoothie2Go Has Got You Covered For...

  • A quick breakfast boost before heading to work
  • A simple, delicious and filling lunch
  • A protein shake before you hit the gym
  • Hangover cures and immunity boosters

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Vitality On The Go

Simply whizz up your fresh ingredients straight into the 0.5 litre travel mug, twist the mug from the base and switch the blade attachment for a lid to get going! 

No-Fuss With Simple Functions 

With 2 speeds plus a pulse function, you’re in control of consistency.Make your smoothies and soups just right for you.

The blades reach every ingredient to ensure that there are no chunky bits left at the bottom!

Smoothie 2GO Smoothie Maker - SB054 Zoom IconsView Gallery

Inspiration To Get You Started

There are so many possibilities with the Smoothie2Go – from the goodness of a green concoction, to the freshness of a fruity blend. That’s why we’ve put together some smoothie recipes to get you started!

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