Effortless blending every day.

The ideal hand blender to start your culinary journey and experiment with flavour.

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Maximum blending performance

The three angled blades of our Triblade System™ ensure all ingredients are reached and blended exactly as you need, and in less time. Whether you’re making a smooth pie filling or a creamy soup, they’ll be able to tackle it perfectly and effortlessly.

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An extra boost

Let the hand blender do the hard work for you with consistent speed – if you need a boost then the turbo function will give that batter or mix the extra blitz it needs.

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Blending power

Give your ingredients the power they require with the 700W motor – it’s a great way to create delicious flavour combinations in desserts, soups and smoothies.

Triblade - HDP109WG Zoom IconsView Gallery

Comfort and simplicity

The textured grip handle will help you control your blending, so you can create the perfect texture for your tasty dishes.

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