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Hand Blender HB720

First class optimised performance and quality from Kenwood's patented, triple blade system.

This item is no longer available

About the Triblade Hand Blender HB720

Your Triblade Hand Blender HB720 gives you powerful and controllable blending at the touch of a button. The 700W motor and three blade system works with the unique foot design to chop and blend ingredients as efficiently as possible.

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Design for life

The Triblade system provides optimised performance for super fast and efficient blending. The blades sweep through three different paths providing three levels of cutting per rotation, while also combining with the integral flow management ribs and apertures which together with the blades make up the unique Triblade system.

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This model has a stainless steel wand, its own beaker and a variable speed control for greater blending precision. It also comes with the Soup XL pan blender - an attachment specially designed for blending soups directly into the saucepan without splashing. It has an extra large Triblade foot with its own set of stainless steel blades and ribs.

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