The Power To Go Beyond Blending With Blend-X Pro

The Blend-X Pro incorporates the innovative and unique MultiZone Blade Technology, with three tiers of blade to blend, crush, chop, grind and mix every ingredient to the perfect consistency so that you can create fresh food and drinks quickly and easily.

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No More Guessing With Our Intelligent Settings

We picked the most popular food prep tasks to create six intelligent pre-set programmes which means that you no longer have to guess how long your creation needs blitzing.

Hello to smooth sauces, smoothies and soups!

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Plenty More Power With A Hard-Working Motor

Where many blenders fail is the inability to be powerful enough to cut through difference consistencies. That's why we've built in a 1400W motor to work in perfect harmony with the MultiZone Blade Technology, meaning there's no more crying over finely chopped onions!


The Blend-X Pro does all the work for you.

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Lots Of Space With Our Impressive Glass Goblet

Want to make ice cream for you and the family? Or perhaps try your hand at cocktail making for your party guests?

The Blend-X Pro has a 1.6 litre capacity goblet, made of super strong ThermoResist glass which can handle extreme temperatures - from boiling hot water to freezing cold ice cubes.

The hard-wearing goblet also has clear measurements down the side, so you can pour ingredients straight in without pre-measuring.


The Blend-X Pro also handles thickness like a Pro, with its stirring stick which mixes as it blends.

Time Saved On Cleaning With Dishwasher Friendly Components

The goblet and lid are both dishwasher friendly, and you don’t even need to wait for the goblet to cool down before re-using!

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