Kenwood sponsors Scouts badge

We are really excited to become a partner of The Scouts Association and by
sponsoring the Healthy Eating Badge, Kenwood wants to encourage all children
to learn, prepare and taste healthy food and snacks in a fun environment.  Scout badge

We believe that getting children involved in food choice, preparation and cooking
from a young age will help them understand the value of healthy food and set
them up towards a healthier lifestyle in the future.

Our Activity Pack is full of ideas on what do both in groups and as take home tasks, games to make learning fun, interesting facts and figures.

So if your children, family members or friends belong to the Scouts, let them know
about our Kenwood Healthy Eating badge and encourage them to participate.

Find out more about the Scouts Association

On the 23rd January 2013, we invited 12 young Beavers from the local Scouts colony to the Kenwood Academy in Havant where they worked very hard to gain their Healthy Eating badge.  They made fruit skewers, used fresh fruit and vegetales to make a healthy snack in the shape of funny faces, prepared two separate sandwiches using a different bread for each and finished by tasting 3 types of smoothies made in the Kenwood Smoothie makers.

They all did a fantastic job and created some great food.

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food shotgroup shot

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