Liz McClarnon

Liz McClarnon is best known as one third of Britain’s most successful girl group of the noughties: Atomic Kitten. More recently Liz has been on TV for an altogether different reason – swapping microphone for apron, she embarked on a new challenge when she entered ‘Celebrity Masterchef’. Five million people regularly saw Liz take on everyone and every challenge put in front of her. Her natural culinary ability and hard work helped her win the title of Celebrity Masterchef 2008. Liz is now fronting the Disaster Chef competition so that she can inspire others to follow her journey to culinary success.

Ben Ebbrell 

Ben Ebbrell from online recipe hub SORTED will be helping us teach our Disaster Chefs a number of vital cooking skills throughout the competition, through a series of step by step recipe videos. Each video will showcase a new culinary skill – so why not learn alongside our Disaster Chefs and try them out yourself?



Martin Johns

Martin Johns has been the Kenwood Development Chef for the past five years.  Working closely with the new product development and research and development departments at Kenwood.