Is my product repairable?

Kenwood Chef 

Kenwood Chefs have been manufactured since 1950, and even the oldest models are often still going strong!

The model number of your machine can be found on the underside of your mixer. If the model number begins with A7 (e.g. A701) your mixer was manufacturered in the 50s, 60s or early 70s and spares are no longer available.

If your model number begins with A9 - e.g. A901, A902 - your mixer is unrepairable.

If your model number begins with "K" - e.g. KMM020, KVC7300, KM020 - your machine is likely to be repairable. Contact customer support for assistance on the link below.  

Find out more about the history of Kenwood Chefs here.

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Other Products

  • kMix Stand Mixers - Yes
  • Other Kenwood Mixers (Prospero, MultiOne etc) - Yes
  • Food processors - Yes, depending on agre & model
  • Bread Makers - Yes
  • Juicers - Yes 
  • Blenders - Yes, depending on age and model. 
  • Kettles - No - Spares available
  • Toasters - No - Spares available
  • Hand Blenders - No - Spares available

Need Attachments for your Chef or kMix Mixer? 

We stock a wide range of cChef and kMix Attachments.

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Need Spares? 

You do not need to send your machine off for repair if accessories are broken. These can often be ordered from our spares supplier. 

Non mechanical spares can be purchased from

Further Help

Over 85% of all enquiries can be answered immediately on our Frequently Asked Questions channel. Alternatively Customer Support can be contacted via Facebook Messenger, WebChat, telephone or email.

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