Brioche Bread

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  • Serves: Up to 6 people

Can be made with these products:

BM260 and BM366 Program 4


  1. Put the egg/eggs into the measuring cup and add sufficient milk to give liquid up to:
    350ml for 1kg loaf
    280ml for 750g loaf
    190ml for 500g loaf

tsp = 5ml teaspoon 
tbsp = 15ml tablespoon


For 1kg loaf
Milk - see instructions
2 eggs 2
135g butter, melted 
1 1/2tsp salt 
70g sugar 
550g unbleached white bread flour 
1 1/2tsp easy blend dried yeast

For 750g loaf
Milk - see instructions 
2 eggs
110g butter, melted   
1 1/2tsp salt 
50g sugar 
450g unbleached white bread flour 
1 1/2tsp easy blend dried yeast

For 500g loaf 
Milk - see instructions 
1 egg 
80g butter, melted 
1tsp salt 
30g sugar 
350g unbleached white bread flour  
1 1/2tsp easy blend dried yeast

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  1. Recipe rating: 5 of 5 Perfect brioche

    I always make the smallest size for brioche. The biggest is so big it climbs out of the machine. The recipe in the booklet for the middle size doesn't work well though I think it may have been adjusted in the online version. Can't compare as can't find my recipe booklet, that's why I'm here. So, like Goldilocks I do the smallest size. It produces a wonderful loaf with a soft hint of yeast that is perfect and also lovely for French toast or bread and butter pudding - not that I often have enough left over!

    Posted: 27/10/2013 08:02:56 / Anne Hodgson

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