Chef 'Twist' Adapter

Congratulations on purchasing your new Chef Kitchen Machine!

If you have previously owned a Kenwood Chef, you will notice that the slow speed outlet connection is updated in your new post-2013 Chef. The bar-shaped connection has been replaced with the new easy Twist-fit connection. You can continue using your older slow speed attachments with the Chef, using the Twist-fit adaptor.

(The Twist-fit adaptor can be purchased separately; the adaptor is not included in pack).

About the Twist-fit adaptor

Previous Kenwood Kitchen Machines (pre-2013) used a bar shaped connection on slow speed attachments. By purchasing the Twist-fit adaptor, you can continue to fit these attachments to the new Chef, giving you many more years of use from your existing attachments.

Which attachment can I use with my Chef?

The new Twist-fit connection is for attachments that work with the slow speed power outlet, positioned behind a removable cover on the front of the machine. The slow speed drive is essential for preparation tasks like pasta rolling and cutting, creating mince meat and sausages, pressing fruit, and shredding and slicing vegetables. 

Twist-fit attachments start with the product code KAX. Slow speed attachments that do not start with KAX will need the Twist-fit adaptor to work with the Chef Sense. 

How do I use it?

It’s easy to use your Twist adapter with your attachments. Find out how below or watch the video.

1. On the front of the machine,lift off the attachment outlet cover by pressing the top and lifting it off.

2. Making sure the K logo is at the top, place the adapter in the attachment outlet.

3. Rotate to lock in place.

4. Insert the attachment (you might have to turn it both ways to find where it connects).

5. Turn the screw to lock it in position.

6. You can now use the attachment just like you normally would.


Do I need to buy special attachments?

No, all attachments you buy will work with your Chef. If you see this logo on the box, the attachment will fit straight into your machine.

For other attachments you may need to use the Twist adaptor to get it working.