Celebration bakes

Something to celebrate? Whatever the occasion, here are a selection of recipes for some of our favourite bakes to mark a special day, which can all be whipped up using your Kenwood stand mixer.

Whether it’s a birthday or christening, party or wedding, or just a long overdue get together with family or friends, put the icing on a special day and say it with cake. From spectacular showstoppers to wonderfully comforting teatime treats, here are some of our favourite bakes to celebrate with. 

Celebration Cake

792x600HAW_Celebration-Cake_KENWOOD15892_014.jpg 792x600HAW_Celebration-Cake_KENWOOD15892_014.jpg
If you’re looking to truly wow your guests, this lemon flavoured celebration cake more than fits the bill. Decorated with raspberry buttercream, chocolate brushstrokes and freeze-dried raspberries, it looks absolutely incredible- and we promise it’s easier to master than you might think. 

You can use any stand mixer to make this recipe, although the Titanium Chef Patissier XL’s two bowls means you can seamlessly swap over between the various stages without interruption, while the warming function is used to melt the chocolate for the decorative brushstrokes.

Coconut and lemon two-tier cake

792x600Coconut-cake-quickgrade-1619_RT.jpg 792x600Coconut-cake-quickgrade-1619_RT.jpg

Coconut and lemon are a flavour match made in heaven. With a light coconut sponge and delicately tangy lemon Swiss meringue buttercream, this spectacular two-tier cake tastes every bit as good as it looks. ​​​​​​​

Made using your Titanium Chef Patissier XL (the preset function takes all the guesswork out of creating a light and fluffy Swiss Meringue buttercream), this cake serves 20 normal slices, or 50 finger portions, so it’s ideal to feed a crowd at a wedding or big birthday celebration. Remember that the sponge can be made in advance and frozen until you’re ready to ice and assemble. Decorate with edible flowers, sugar flowers or dried eucalyptus. 

Carrot cake

792x600_9491_Carrot_Cake_Hero.jpg 792x600_9491_Carrot_Cake_Hero.jpg
The classic carrot cake is hard to beat, and this recipe is so easy to whip up in your stand mixer, making it perfect for a spontaneous get-together. The chopped walnuts add a wonderful crunch, while the warming spices and zing of orange perfectly complement the cream cheese icing. To decorate, sprinkle with cinnamon and top with chopped pecans, walnuts or diced crystallized ginger. 

Using carrot in the sponge makes it really moist, so this cake will keep really well- although we can’t guarantee you’ll have much in the way of leftovers.

Red velvet cake

792x600kenwood_finished_food_shoot_3-1516_retouched.jpg 792x600kenwood_finished_food_shoot_3-1516_retouched.jpg
With a crimson-coloured sponge and silky cream cheese frosting, this American classic cake looks so impressive as you slice into it. And it’s not just the bold colour that makes it so distinctive. With a soft, moist texture it is less crumbly than a standard sponge, and all the more indulgent for it. 

Made using your stand mixer, this recipe can be adapted for either a two or three tiered cake. Decorate with berries, flowers or pecans, or if you need to level the sponges off before icing, crumble any trimmings into fine crumbs and gently press into the sides of the cake with your hands to add a final flourish of colour. 

Victoria sponge

792x600victoria_sponge_3_4_landscape.jpg 792x600victoria_sponge_3_4_landscape.jpg
Who doesn’t love a Victoria sponge? Combining a featherlight sponge with a jam filling, this traditional British favourite is quick and easy to make and goes just as well with a cup of tea as it does with a glass of fizz. 

Fancy trying something a bit different? Just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and add your own twist. Once you’ve mastered the basic recipe try using another favourite jam or curd filling instead of strawberry, adding fresh berries or spreading whipped double cream, vanilla buttercream or even mascarpone on top of the jam before placing the second cake on top.

Layered chocolate cake

792x600choc-cake-BANNER-_1_.jpg 792x600choc-cake-BANNER-_1_.jpg

Children and big kids alike will delight in this deliciously decadent chocolate cake. Three layers are sandwiched together with cherry jam and chocolate buttercream icing, and topped off with a silky smooth chocolate ganache.  

Taking just 20 minutes to prepare using your stand mixer and guaranteed to please a crowd. Simply add candles to make it the perfect cake for birthdays.  

Gingerbread bundt cake

792x600Kenwood_2019_413293_edited.jpg 792x600Kenwood_2019_413293_edited.jpg
Decorated with lemon icing and jewel-like pomegranate seeds, this deliciously sticky bundt cake makes an incredible centrepiece for any gathering, and with a warming blend of cinnamon and ginger it is perfect to enjoy during the festive season. 

Your stand mixer’s signature K-beater tool combines the dry and wet ingredients with ease, ensuring you get a consistent , even mix and no ingredients get left on the sides of the bowl. Just make sure you leave the cake to cool completely before drizzling with icing and scattering the pomegranate seeds. 


792x600macarons.jpg 792x600macarons.jpg
These classic French patisserie treats will add a touch of class to any special event.  Stunning when piled up together,  they also make a great gift for guests to take home with them.

While macarons may require a bit of practice to master, this recipe shows they’re not quite as tricky to make as they look. Using your Titanium Chef Patissier XL’s egg whites whisking preset will help ensure your egg whites are stiff enough to give your macarons that signature melt in the mouth lightness- you should be able to turn the bowl upside down without any of the mixture falling out. If you’re going to make different coloured macarons use food colouring gels or powders rather than liquids, which can alter the texture of your mix and make them too runny.