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Raspberry Ice Cream

Serves: 8 people           Recipe course: Dessert          Total time (min.): 5 hours 10
raspberry-ice-cream.png raspberry-ice-cream.png

This fruity frozen dessert is great in the summer time but can be made all through the year as the raspberries in this recipe are frozen.




  1. Add frozen raspberries, caster sugar and water to a clean saucepan
  2. Heat until softened - medium heat
  3. Stir vigorously until sugar has dissolved
  4. Strain content of saucepan into medium bowl and reserve liquid
  5. Set aside
  6. Add milk and double cream to a clean large saucepan
  7. Heat until just boiling then reduce heat - medium heat
  8. Simmer and turn off heat - 2 min
  9. Attach Whisk
  10. Add caster sugar and egg yolk to the Kenwood Bowl
  11. Mix - 2 min, Speed 5
  12. Pour milk mixture into Kenwood Bowl carefully
  13. Mix until combined - 1 min, Speed 1
  14. Pour fruit into Kenwood Bowl
  15. Mix until combined - 1 min, Speed 1
  16. Transfer ice cream to plastic container
  17. Chill in fridge - 2 hr
  18. Freeze and mix - 1 hr
  19. Repeat this mixing every 30 minutes for 3 hours or the mixture is set
  20. Serve