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Quick Potato Dauphinoise

Serves: 4 Course: AccompanimentMachine: Cooking machineTotal time (min.): 30
quick-potato-dauphinoise.png quick-potato-dauphinoise.png

This is a quick version of Dauphinoise, great for when you are short on time.




  1. Fit thick slicing disc (5) to direct prep attachment
  2. Fit direct prep attachment to kCook Multi
  3. Fit stir tool to kCook bowl
  4. Fit kCook bowl to kCook Multi
  5. Turn direct prep attachment to position 1
  6. Slice potato into the kCook bowl with direct prep attachment
  7. Turn direct prep attachment to position 2
  8. Add milk, double cream, fresh thyme and nutmeg to the kCook bowl
  9. Season to taste
  10. Attach lid to kCook bowl with filler cap fitted
  11. Cook with filler cap fitted - 10 min, 98°C, speed 3
  12. Pre-heat oven - 200°C
  13. Rub garlic clove onto a clean baking dish
  14. Transfer content of kCook bowl to baking dish
  15. Bake until golden brown - 15 min, 200°C
  16. Season
  17. Serve

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