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Serves: 8Course: MainCategories: BeefMachine: Cooking machineTotal time (min.): 115
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In this Kibbeh Bil Sanieh recipe the beef hashweh or 'stuffing' is spread into a baking dish, layered with the kibbeh mixture and then baked. Kibbeh Bil Sanieh is considered more of a main dish while the Kibbeh Balls are more of an appetizer or mezze- making this recipe in a large dish is popular because it is less time consuming than shaping the individual balls. This recipe can be made ahead and frozen for three months before baking- allow it to thoroughly defrost, brush with oil, then bake. Serve with yoghurt and a fattoush salad.




  1. Grease a clean round pan lightly
  2. Fit the Medium screen to the Food Mincer attachment
  3. Fit the Food Mincer attachment to the machine
  4. Place the Mixer bowl underneath the Food Mincer attachment
  5. Add lean diced beef to the Food Mincer attachment gradually
  6. Start the machine on speed 4
  7. Using the pusher, gently push the food down the feed tube
  8. Remove the Food Mincer attachment from the machine
  9. Add olive oil to a clean frying pan
  10. Heat until hot - medium-high heat
  11. Add onion to the frying pan
  12. Sauté until softened - 5 min
  13. Transfer two thirds of meat to frying pan
  14. Cook until browned while stirring occasionally - medium-high heat
  15. Add 7 spice, salt and pine nuts to the frying pan
  16. Stir until combined
  17. Cook - 2 min, medium-high heat
  18. Remove the frying pan from the heat
  19. Add fresh parsley to the frying pan
  20. Stir until combined then set aside
  21. Add fine bulgur and water to a clean medium bowl
  22. Cover then set aside
  23. Assemble the Food Processor attachment to the machine
  24. Fit the Knife Blade to the machine
  25. Work in three batches
  26. Transfer one third of meat to Food processor attachment
  27. Add onion, breadcrumbs, mint leaves, 7 spice, kibbeh spice and salt to the Food processor attachment
  28. Add one third of the soaked bulgur into the Food processor attachment
  29. Attach the lid and ensure it is locked into place
  30. Pulse until smooth
  31. Transfer content of Food processor attachment to large mixing bowl
  32. Repeat the same process with the remaining mince, soaked bulgur and the rest of onion, breadcrumbs and spices
  33. Once done, use your hands to combine the mixture in the bowl
  34. Pre-heat oven - 180°C
  35. Transfer half of mixture to round pan
  36. Transfer content of frying pan to round pan
  37. Add the remaining kibbeh mixture on top and spread evenly to cover the mince layer
  38. Using a knife, cut through the kibbeh diagonally to form diamond shaped portions
  39. Drizzle with olive oil
  40. Bake - 45 min, 180°C
  41. Remove from oven
  42. Let cool slightly
  43. Serve

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