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Serves: 5Category: BreadMeal: BreakfastMachine: MixerTotal time (min.): 105
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Crumpets are a traditional British teatime treat, well known for their cratered surface and springy open texture. They are delicious served hot with butter and jam or can also be served with savoury toppings such as melted cheese or with eggs and bacon for brunch or breakfast.




  1. Attach Whisk
  2. Add milk, water, dried yeast and caster sugar to the Kenwood Bowl
  3. Mix with splashguard fitted until combined - 10 sec, Speed 3
  4. Let rest - 10 min
  5. Mix with splashguard fitted - 10 sec, Speed 2
  6. Add bread flour and salt to the Kenwood Bowl gradually while machine is running
  7. Mix with splashguard fitted until well combined then scrape bowl - 30 sec, Speed 5
  8. Prove until bubbles form - 1 hr
  9. Heat a clean frying pan until hot - medium heat
  10. Add butter to the frying pan
  11. Place ring moulds into the frying pan
  12. Ladle batter into ring mould carefully
  13. Cook gently until set - 12 min, medium heat
  14. Carefully remove the ring moulds and turn the crumpets over
  15. Cook until lightly browned - 2 min, medium heat
  16. Transfer content of frying pan to plate
  17. Cover with foil then set aside
  18. Repeat the process with the remaining batter
  19. Serve

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