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Clotted Cream and Ginger Ice Cream

Serves: 6 Recipe course: DessertMachine: Cooking MachineTotal time (min.): 660
clotted-cream-and-ginger-ice-cream.png clotted-cream-and-ginger-ice-cream.png

This recipe uses clotted cream to create the smoothest, creamiest dessert, flecked with chunks of fiery crystallised ginger to create the perfect after dinner treat. Remember to place the bowl in the freezer 24 hours in advance




  1. Fit the Creaming Beater
  2. Add the ingredients into the appliance bowl, fit the splashguard
  3. Heat - 2 minutes, 105ºC, speed Stir 1
  4. Pour the mixture into a jug
  5. Cover with plastic wrap and set aside
  6. Clean the appliance bowl and fit the Whisk Tool
  7. Add the ingredients into the appliance bowl, fit the splashguard
  8. Whisk until pale - 2 minutes, speed 4
  9. While the machine is running, slowly pour the hot cream mixture
  10. Mix – 3 minutes, speed 1
  11. Remove the Whisk Tool, fit the Creaming Beater
  12. Heat - 15 minutes, 85ºC, speed Stir 1
  13. Strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve into a large bowl
  14. Cover with plastic wrap and let cool
  15. Chill in the fridge – 2 hours
  16. Attach the Frozen Dessert Maker attachment to the machine
  17. Set the speed to Min
  18. Pour the chilled custard mixture into the Frozen Dessert Maker carefully
  19. Mix - 30 minutes, speed Min
  20. Remove the attachment from the machine
  21. Transfer the ice-cream into an airtight container
  22. Add crystalised ginger and stir through the ice-cream
  23. Freeze overnight or until set
  24. Serve

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