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Chocolate Covered Stuffed Dates

Serves: 20Category: ChocolateRecipe course: DessertMachine: Cooking MachineTotal time (min.): 40
chocolate-covered-stuffed-dates.png chocolate-covered-stuffed-dates.png

Give this easy and delicious recipe a try for Ramadan. It's a healthy sweet which you can enjoy during Iftar time and it’s also a perfect snack for an immediate burst of energy, especially after many hours of fasting. You can sprinkle the chocolate covered dates with crushed pistachios or sea salt before chilling.




  1. Line a clean baking tray with parchment paper
  2. Cut a slit along each date and remove the pit
  3. Place medjool dates on the baking tray
  4. Fill with crunchy peanut butter then set aside
  5. Attach Creaming beater
  6. Add dark chocolate to the EasyWarm Bowl
  7. Heat with splashguard fitted until melted - 5 min, 7, Speed 1
  8. Carefully dip each date in the melted chocolate until coated
  9. Chill in fridge until set - 20 min
  10. Serve

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