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Chocolate Breadsticks with Rocky Road Dip

Serves: 8Category: ChocolateRecipe course: DessertMachine: MixerTotal time (min.): 45
chocolate-breadsticks.png chocolate-breadsticks.png

This chocolate sticks and dip combination is a fun recipe to make with children or could serve as part of a dessert buffet.




  1. Line a clean baking sheet with parchment paper then set aside
  2. Attach Creaming beater
  3. Add dark chocolate to the EasyWarm Bowl
  4. Stir until melted - 10 min, 7, Stir 1
  5. Then add custard to the EasyWarm Bowl
  6. Stir until combined - approx 20 sec, Speed 1
  7. Remove the bowl from the machine and set aside
  8. Attach Whisk
  9. Add whipping cream to the Kenwood Bowl
  10. Whisk - approx 2 min, Speed Max
  11. Transfer content of EasyWarm Bowl to Kenwood Bowl
  12. Add mini marshmallows and banana to the Kenwood Bowl
  13. Mix then scrape bowl - approx 20 sec, Speed 4
  14. Mix until combined - approx 10 sec, Speed 4
  15. Transfer content of Kenwood Bowl to large serving bowl
  16. Chill in fridge and continue
  17. Pre-heat oven - 190°C
  18. Add puff pastry to a clean lightly floured surface
  19. Add cocoa powder to the pastry
  20. Add chocolate chips to the pastry
  21. Fold the pastry sheet in half
  22. Roll out gently to seal the ingredients into the pastry
  23. Cut into strips
  24. Twist the strips into a spiral
  25. Transfer pastry to baking sheet
  26. Brush with milk lightly
  27. Bake until golden brown - 12 min, 190°C
  28. Remove from oven
  29. Dust with icing sugar and ground cinnamon lightly and let cool
  30. Serve

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