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Chicken Wings

Serves: 4Course: StarterCategories: ChickenMachine: Cooking machineTotal time (min.): 100
chicken-wings.png chicken-wings.png
Spicy hot wings that are perfect finger food.




  1. Fit max blade to kCook bowl
  2. Add soy sauce, ketchup, mint leaves, garlic clove, fresh chili, lemon juice and honey to the kCook bowl
  3. Fit kCook bowl to kCook Multi
  4. Attach lid to kCook bowl with filler cap fitted
  5. Mix with filler cap fitted - 45 sec, speed 12
  6. Transfer marinade to large mixing bowl
  7. Add chicken wings to the large mixing bowl
  8. Mix
  9. Chill in fridge - 1 hr
  10. Pre-heat oven - 190°C
  11. Place chicken on baking sheet
  12. Bake - 30 min, 190°C
  13. Sprinkle with sesame seeds
  14. Serve

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