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Bouillon for Couscous

Serves: 8Course: AccompanimentCategoriesSauceMachine: Cooking machineTotal time (min.): 70
bouillon-for-couscous.png bouillon-for-couscous.png

Use this recipe to make a delicious stock for couscous. Cover the dried couscous with the bouillon and wait for it to be fully absorbed. This recipe can also be used for adding flavour to soups or stews.




  1. Fit thick slicing disc (5) to direct prep attachment
  2. Fit direct prep attachment to kCook Multi
  3. Fit slow cook plug to kCook bowl
  4. Add chicken thighs to the kCook bowl
  5. Fit kCook bowl to kCook Multi
  6. Turn direct prep attachment to position 1
  7. Slice carrot, turnip and zucchini into the kCook bowl with direct prep attachment
  8. Turn direct prep attachment to position 2
  9. Add chicken stock, cinnamon stick, mint leaves, chili powder, chinese five spice and salt & pepper to the kCook bowl
  10. Attach lid to kCook bowl
  11. Cook with filler cap removed - 1 hr, 90°C
  12. Serve

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