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Serves: 4Course: StarterCategories: VegetarianMachine: Cooking machineTotal time (min.): 83
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Blinis are light pancakes, usually served bite size as canapes, topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon and dill. Other savoury toppings include pesto cream and prosciutto, mushroom pate, or salsa. Try sweet toppings such as crème fraiche and jam or lemon curd.




  1. Fit max blade to kCook bowl
  2. Add milk to the kCook bowl
  3. Add dried yeast to the kCook bowl
  4. Add all purpose flour, egg and salt to the kCook bowl
  5. Fit kCook bowl to kCook Multi
  6. Attach lid to kCook bowl with filler cap fitted
  7. Mix with filler cap fitted - 15 sec, speed 7
  8. Blend with filler cap removed until completely mixed - 3 min, speed 10
  9. Remove max blade from kCook bowl
  10. Heat with filler cap fitted - 1 hr, 30°C
  11. Get a clean frying pan
  12. Add olive oil to the frying pan
  13. Heat
  14. Spoon batter into frying pan bit by bit
  15. Fry each side until golden brown
  16. Serve

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