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Beef Stew with Spring Onion and Carrot

Serves: 4Category: Beef  Recipe Course: MainMachine: Cooking MachineTotal time (min.): 120
beef-stew-with-spring-onion-and-carrot.png beef-stew-with-spring-onion-and-carrot.png

Warm up with our comforting beef stew for a winning family meal.




  1. Fit thick slicing disc (5) to direct prep attachment
  2. Fit direct prep attachment to kCook Multi
  3. Add beef filet to a clean medium bowl
  4. Add plain flour to the meat
  5. Coat until covered then set aside
  6. Fit stir tool to kCook bowl
  7. Add olive oil to the kCook bowl
  8. Fit kCook bowl to kCook Multi
  9. Attach lid to kCook bowl
  10. Heat with filler cap removed - 120°C, speed 3
  11. Transfer meat to kCook bowl
  12. Season
  13. Cook with filler cap removed - 2 min, 120°C, speed 4
  14. Then add garlic clove to the kCook bowl
  15. Turn direct prep attachment to position 1
  16. Slice spring onion and carrot into the kCook bowl with direct prep attachment
  17. Turn direct prep attachment to position 2
  18. Season
  19. Cook with filler cap removed - 5 min, 120°C, speed 3
  20. Then add tinned tomatoes, red wine, bay leaves, salt and water to the kCook bowl
  21. Cook with filler cap removed - 2 hr, 98°C, speed 1
  22. Serve

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