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MultiPro Sense FPM810 9-in-1 Food Processor plus Weighing


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Product details

Incredibly versatile performance and control with precise digital weighing. Superior results when you chop, slice and grate, and an auto function to make life simple. Even blends hot ingredients straight from the pan.


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What’s in the box

Integrated digital weighing


Forget weighing scales. Weigh veg, flour and more directly into the bowl, or on the weighing tray included. Incrementally or individually. You’ll save on time and washing up. And with no batteries to run out, it’s more reliable too.

Eastman Tritan™ bowls


Durable and shatterproof Eastman Tritan™ 3.5L bowl and a 1.5L mini bowl. They won’t break even if knocked off a worktop. And they can easily withstand repeated dishwashing.

ThermoResist™ glass blender


Blend hot ingredients straight from the pan to save time with the heat resistant ThermoResist™ glass blender. Great for cold blending too, like smoothies and shakes.

Key Features

Whipped deliciously
Whipped deliciously Achieve perfectly whipped cream and light airy meringue with our dual metal whisk. The twin whisk design incorporates more air into the mix. Have splash-free, time-saving and lighter results.
Energy-saving Eco mode
Energy-saving Eco mode Multipro Sense automatically switches to Eco mode if it’s not used for 30 minutes. When it does, you’ll save up to 50% in energy.
Dishwasher safe tools
Dishwasher safe tools MultiPro Sense saves time on cleaning as well as food prep. Just pop tools in the dishwasher*.
Control like never before
Control like never before The 1000W motor has intelligence built in. Eight variable speed settings give total control with faster speeds for extra power to tackle tougher ingredients. Or select the auto speed function for quick tasks.
Versatile discs, safely stored
Versatile discs, safely stored There’s a selection of discs for slicing, grating, julienne and decorative cutting. A storage box keeps them all safely and neatly together.*
Two bowls ready to use
Two bowls ready to use Have a big 3.5L bowl that’s great for larger quantities. And a 1.5L mini bowl, perfect for dips, dressings and small quantities.
The complete package
The complete package With the original all-in-one system from Kenwood you can chop, grate, slice, blend, knead, whisk and even juice. Do it all with just one base, saving you time and space.*
Precision blades that last
Precision blades that last Multiple tools, non-stop performance. Precise and consistent results time after time, with Kenwood’s cutting system and micro-serrated blades.



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general specifications

Body material: Die cast Metal
Size (LxWxH): 23 x 23 x 40 CM
Bowl material: ShatterproofTM Tritan
Blender material: ThermoResistTM Glass
Speeds: Variable + Pulse
Blade material: Micro-serrated Stainless Steel
Colour: Brushed metal


Dough tool: Yes
Dual metal whisk: Yes
Folding tool: Yes
Knife blade: Yes
ThermoResist™ glass blender: Yes
Mini bowl: Yes
Julienne disc: Yes
Decorative slicing disc: Yes
Mini knife blade: Yes
Extra fine grating disc: Yes
Reversible 4mm slicing/grating disc: Yes
Reversible 2mm slicing/grating disc: Yes
Weighing tray: Yes
Max capacity disc: Yes
Attachment storage: Yes
Citrus juicer: Yes


Bowl size: 3.5L
Working bowl dry capacity: 1.7kg
Working bowl liquid capacity: 1.7L
Blender capacity: 1.6L


Pulse function: Yes
Built in weighing scale: Yes
Auto speed function: Yes


Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
Cord storage: Yes
Non slip feet: Yes
Safety interlock: Yes
Detachable blender blades: Yes
Spatula: Yes
Stainless steel knife blade: Yes
Blade protector: Yes
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We preferibly suggest not grind seeds in either the food processor or blender.

For instance, nuts can be chopped in the main bowl and mini bowl, if you want to get a finer grind use the blender. Herbs such as parsley can be chopped in the main bowl or mini bowl.

The FP980's mill jar is compatible with the FPM800/FPM810. Please refer to your original user instructions for guidance on using the attachment. The correct part can be purchased by clicking on this link .

MultiPro Sense FPM810 9-in-1 Food Processor plus Weighing

MultiPro Sense FPM810 9-in-1 Food Processor plus Weighing

£199.00 £399.99
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