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Will a centrifugal juicer suit my needs?

The JE720 is a high performance juicer showcasing Kenwood's new Apex technology. Apex is Kenwood's ‘advanced pulp extraction' technology which means it's cleaner, ergonomically designed, and more efficient. JE720 features include an XXL feed tube and patented anti-drip, taking the pain out of enjoying fresh fruit and vegetable juice. The high gloss finish and powerful 700W motor provides the reassurance of another quality product from Kenwood.

Key features and benefits

 - Apex technology with 3L capacity 

- Cleaner juicing with ergonomic design features

- Gets the pulp to the right place first time wipes the lid clean when emptying 

- Powerful 700W motor for excellent results

- Anti-drip new Kenwood patented anti-drip 

- XXL metal feed tube to allow larger pieces of fruit and vegetables to be juiced

- High quality white plastic gloss body for easy cleaning and a premium look

- 2 speeds for soft and hard fruits 

- 1.5L calibrated juice jug with foam seperator

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