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What is the difference between a food processor and a kitchen machine?

A kitchen machine is primarily for mixing dough and cake mixtures. A food processor can do these jobs but not with the efficiency of a kitchen machine.If you are planning on making cakes you shouldconsiderhowmanyyouwillmake.If itis going tobe afrequentrequirement then a kitchen machine would be a better choice.A food processor is perfect for processing foods at high speed, for example slicing or grating ingredients. It often includes accessories such as a whisk for meringues and other useful tools. If you don't bake very often this may be better suited to your needs. It is also worth taking note of the fact that many food processors are smaller in size and lighter than a kitchen machine. This may be a deciding factor if you have limited space in your kitchen.The Titanium range of Chef and Major and Cooking Chef mixers offer the best of both worlds and include a food processor attachment. Please see our website for further product information.