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What do the different discs do on my slicer/ grater attachment?

The thick and thin slicer discs are ideal for cheese, potato, carrot, cabbage, courgette, beetroot, onion and apple.

The thick and thin grating discs are ideal for cheese, carrot, potato and foods of a similar texture.

The discs are reversible, each having a grating function on one side and a slicing function on the other.

There are four additional discs that can be bought separately if they are not included already. (Some models may vary). The extra-coarse disc grates cheese and carrot coarsley.

The rasping disc grates parmesan cheese and potato for German potato dumplings, known as rösti.

The thin chipper cuts potatoes for super-thin French fries, ingredients for salads, garnishes, casseroles and stir fries.

The standard chipper cuts potatoes for thin French fries and ingredients for casseroles and dips.