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Vegetable is not spiralizing as its wobbling inside the cone. What can I do?

Ensure the food item is attached to the support blade on the pusher; ensure the food items need to be fresh and firm if too soft will rotate in the feed tube.Ensure that the diameter ofthe foodismorethan 5cm sothatit can beattached securelyto the endofthepusher.Food items need to be fresh and firm if too soft will rotate in the feed tube.Below are some hints & tips on how to get the best out of your Spiralizer.ProblemCauseSolutionSpiralizer not operating.No power.Lid not locked correctly.Check that appliance plugged in.Check that lid is located correctlyLid cannot be fitted.Cone holder or cone not fitted correctly.Check that cone holder and cone are located correctly.Poor resultsFood too soft or juicy. Food too narrow or small.Use firm fruits and vegetables without stones, seeds or hollow centres.Select food as straight as possible and ensure diameter at least 5 cm. Refer to hint and tip sectionHalf moon shaped pieces produced instead of spirals.Diameter of food processed too small. Food rotating in feed tubeEnsure diameter larger than end of pusher.Ensure food is held steady and cannot rotate.Food browning quickly.Some food such as apples, pears and potato will brown quickly after processing.Use straight after processing or store in water.Add lemon juice to fruit to prevent browning.