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My vegetables are turning to mush and the results are not as I expected. What can I do?

You may be experiencing this for several reasons. Try the following:Check the vegetables are fresh and firm. Softer vegetables, or those about to turn, do not spiralize easily and may clog yourmachine.Ifthisis the case, switchoff your spiralizer andclean any residue from the blade cone before restarting with firm, fresh vegetables.Your vegetable pieces may be too small. For lovely long spirals you need large pieces of vegetables.The foodstuff used may not be ideal for spiralizing. For recommended food types to use see your instruction manual or our suggestions on our website. Vegetables should be firm and not too soft.If the food is not seated into the pusher correctly the food could “spin” rather than cut. Ensure the food is firmly attached to the pusher before starting.Do not switch the machine on until the foodstuff is attached to the pusher and seated above the blade ready to spiralizer. When the machine is switched on, apply firm, even pressure in a downwards motion.