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How do I assemble my AT340 Slicer Grater?

- Remove the high speed outlet cover

- Fit the gearbox assembly onto the mixer Push the desired cutting plate onto the shaft. Each plate is numbered for identification and the number should be uppermost when the plate is pushed onto the shaft.

- Fit the sweeper onto the shaft with the flat surface of the sweeper against the plate. For best results when using the slicing/chipping plates, the sweeper arm should be positioned opposite the blade, as shown below.

- Attach the lid assembly to the body, Line up the symbol on the lid with on the body. Then turn to symbol to lock into place.

- Fit the assembled attachment onto the gearbox and turn to lock into position.

- If required fit the extension chute into the food outlet and push firmly into place. The extension chute MUST be fitted when the attachment is used with mixer KM070 but can also be used with all other mixers to direct the food into the collecting bowl.

- Connect the mixer to the power supply and place a bowl under the food outlet.

- Choose which feed tube you want to use. The pusher contains a smaller feed tube for processing individual items or thin ingredients.

- To use the small feed tube - first put the larger pusher inside the feed tube

- To use the larger feed tube - use both pushers together.

- Put the food inside the feed tube.

- Switch the mixer onto speed 3 and at the same time push down evenly with the pusher – never put your fingers in the feed tube.

- At the completion of the processing operation, raising and lowering the pusher several times may help to reduce the amount of food left on the cutting plate.

- Switch off and unplug.