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Can I make hot cross buns with my bread maker?

Here is a hot cross bun recipe suitable for bread makers. Alternatively select the dough cycle and bake in the oven.


Ingredients 750g 1Kg

Semi –Skimmed Milk 175mls 280mls

Eggs (medium) 2 2

Strong White Bread Flour 450g 600g

Salt 1/2tsp 1tsp

Golden caster sugar 50g 60g

Butter 50g 60g

Mixed spice 1tbsp 4tsp

Dried Yeast 1½tsp 2tsp

Add Fruit When Alert Sounds 3:00 3:05

Luxury Dried mixed fruit, chopped 100g 150g

Cut mixed peel 25g 25g

Glace Cherries, chopped 25g 25g

Use Sweet Setting + Medium Crust Colour 3:22 3:27

Brush with a little golden syrup while warm to glaze.

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