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Can I get additional dies for my AT910 Pasta Maker attachment?

Included in your pack is the Maccheroni Rigati die.

Each screen is bronze and is supplied with a storage case. The screens have a rough surface allowing the pasta to collect more sauce which creates a fuller flavour.

The following screens are available from Kenwood spares via

001 Maccheroni Rigati - the cylindrical shape and the grooves are perfect for strong sauces based on meat.

002 Bigoli – for pasta in the form of a long and thick tube.

003 Casarecce - a narrow, twisted rolled tube – often used with pesto or meat sauces.

004 Maccheroni – smooth Macaroni, usually cut into short tubes. Add cheese sauce for a family favourite.

005 Spaccatelli – cut mid length, this absorbs sauces perfectly and is often used with tomato based dishes.

006 Spaghetti Quadri – long strands - a firm favourite and perfect with any sauce.

007 Pappardelle – broad flat ribbons of pasta, perfect for rich, heavy sauces and hearty warming meals in the winter.

008 Silatelli – long twisted shaped pasta, similar to macaroni. This pasta easily captures the sauce.

009 Linguine – similar to spaghetti, but slightly wider, this pasta is perfect with seafood dishes.

010 Fusilli – long thick corkscrew shaped pasta often made using other ingredients such as spinach or tomato to change the colour.

011 Conchigliette – tiny shells, much smaller than the larger conchiglie pasta shells. These are often used for soups and broths.

012 Bucatini – thicker spaghetti like pasta but with a hole, rather like a straw. Ideal with buttery sauces and vegetarian dishes.

013 Orecchiette – or ‘little ears', this pasta is often used with tomato based sauces.

014 Casarecce – this ‘S' shaped pasta, cut into medium strands, captures the sauce perfectly.

015 Biscuit Maker – various biscuit shapes for professional and decorative results every time.