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What happened to the Kenwood Chef Major?

Are you the proud owner of a Kenwood Major? Depending on the model your machine could be anything from 8 year old to over 70 years old! Read on to find out what happened to the Major, and find out how old yours might be!


Where did the Major go?

The Kenwood Major is in fact still with us, but in the mid 2010s it was re-named to Chef XL when new models were released. The Chef XL has the exact same bowl size, and same tools, as the Major. More recently we have launched the Titanium Baker XL, and the Titanium Patissier XL, which features nesting bowls and a warming feature. Finally, there is the Cooking Chef, which features induction heating, connectable app, and  a Major sized 6.7l bowl. 

When was my Kenwood Major built?

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​​​​​​​Your model number can be found on the base of your Kenwood Major mixer. Here are a few of the popular Major models, and the period they were sold:

KM230 manufactured 1988 to 1998
KM250 - manufactured 1988 to 1998
KM600 - manufactured 1998 to 2007
KM630, KM635, KM636. KM640 - manufactured 2006 to 2015
KM800, KM840 - manufactured 1998 to 2007
KM005, KM006, KM007 - manufactured 2003 to 2007
PM500 Professional Mixer - manufactured 1993 to 1998
PM900 Professional Mixer - manufactured 1999 to 2014
KM020, KM021, KM023, KMM020 series - manufactured 2007 to 2016
KM040 Timer Major - manufactured 2010 to 2016
KMP05 series Professional - manufactured 2012 to 2016
KMP771 Professional - manufactured 2016 to 2019
Sense XL - KVL6000 series - manufactured 2014 to 2017

All of our current attachments fit these models, although you may need an adaptor for slow speed attachments. 

Older models:

If your Major model number begins with "A7" - eg A707 - your model was likely built in the 1950s and is not compatible with current attachments. 

If your Major begins with "A9" - e.g. A901 - it was built in the late seventies and early eighties. Most attachments will fit your machine, although an adaptor is required for slow speed attachments. 

View the Attachment compatibility guide for more information. 


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