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Food & Recipe Articles

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Delicious recipes for Ramadan

From savoury snacks and sharing dishes to indulgent sweet treats, these nourishing recipes are perfect for enjoying throughout Ramadan.

Seafood recipes to impress your guests_Desktop 490x320 (2).jpg Seafood recipes to impress your guests_Desktop 490x320 (2).jpg

Seafood recipes to impress your guests

Seafood and fish are always a crowd pleaser at dinner parties and we've pulled together some impressive starters and mains to really wow your guests.

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Our Valentine’s menu

However you may celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we’ve put together a selection of delicious recipes to make it one to remember.


6 budget meal ideas

Make your food shop go further with these low-cost dishes that prove that sticking to a budget doesn’t need to mean things get dull at dinnertime.

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What are the best post workout foods

Our guide to the foods that will help you get the most from your workout, and feel ready for the next one.

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Our favourite fakeaway recipes

Recreate your favourite Friday night takeaway at home with one of these easy-to-make recipes. Healthier, cheaper and full of flavour - and you can still enjoy them curled up on your sofa.

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Top 5 healthy eating tips

Our five easy ways to help improve your diet and make positive changes, starting today!


Eating a balanced diet

A balanced diet isn't just about eating more fruit and veg. We explore all the food types you should be including in your diet.


Healthy homemade snacks

Hunger can strike at any time, make sure you're prepared with our healthy homemade snack ideas.

Easy Vegan Sweet Treats_Desktop 490x320.jpg Easy Vegan Sweet Treats_Desktop 490x320.jpg

Easy Vegan cakes and desserts

Veganism has no limits when it comes to cakes and desserts these days. From Banana Bread to Meringues...you won't even know these are vegan recipes!

Vegan Speedy Meals_Desktop 490x320.jpg Vegan Speedy Meals_Desktop 490x320.jpg

Speedy vegan meals for time pressed cooks

We've pulled together our best vegan meals for those mid-week days when time is of the essence but you still want a comforting, healthy and filling meal.

Vegan Recipes_mobile 300x200.jpg Vegan Recipes_desktop small 349x288.jpg

Vegan recipes

Whether you're looking to go for a meat-free, dairy-free or a full vegan diet, let our selection of recipes take the stress out of cooking and allow you to try something new.

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Sourdough: A beginner's guide

Our simple step by step guide to making your own sourdough starter and using it to bake everyone's favourite loaf. Once you’ve made your starter mixture you’ll be able to use it to bake with whenever you like; just follow our tips for maintaining it and you’ll never look back.

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Boosting digestion with fermented foods

Our guide to six popular fermented foods that are thought to give your body a good dose of gut-healthy bacteria and improve your digestive health.

Homemade bread recipes_Desktop 490x320.jpg Homemade bread recipes_Desktop 490x320.jpg

Bread recipes to try at home

Here are some of our favourite, most moreish bread recipes - from everyday loaves to artisan showstoppers and even some decadent sweet treats. Each recipe will show you how using you Kenwood stand mixer can help you get even more creative with homeamde breads.

Desserts Ideas Dinner Party_Desktop 440x288 - V2.jpg Desserts Ideas Dinner Party_Desktop 440x288 - V2.jpg

Dessert Ideas for Your Next Dinner Party

Take the dress out of entertaining with these guaranteed-to-impress dinner party dessert recipes. From rich and indulgent delights to refreshing fruit treats, all of these recipes can be easily created using one of our stand mixers and are sure to finish your evening on a high.

Top 10 stand mixer recipes_Mobile 300x200.jpg Top 10 stand mixer recipes_Desktop large 530x288.jpg

Ten inspirational recipes for your stand mixer

For a taste of how much you could create with your stand mixer, here are some great recipes we're loving right now. The attachments and tools available will depend on the pack you choose, but every mixer gives you the power to make something amazing.

Easy recipes to make with kids_Mobile 300x200.jpg Easy recipes to make with kids_Desktop small 349x288.jpg

Easy recipes to make with kids

Making cakes and bakes with kids is a brilliant way to do something as a family. We have collected some of our favourite cake and bake recipes for you to make with your children.


Say it with cake - best celebration bakes

Something to celebrate? Whatever the occasion, here are a selection of recipes for some of our favourite bakes to mark a special day, which can all be whipped up using your Kenwood stand mixer.

8 Recipe Food Processor_Mobile 300x200.jpg 8 Recipe Food Processor_Desktop Large 530x288.jpg

Eight recipes to get more from your food processor

Our food processors are designed to help you chop and slice you way to great food with zero fuss. We've put together some top recipes to show you just how much you could do with a Kenwood in your kitchen.

LP_KIDS_BAKING_KENWOOD16239_114_204537.jpg LP_KIDS_BAKING_KENWOOD16239_114_204537.jpg

Say it with homemade this Mother's Day

Show your mum just how much you appreciate her with a homemade cake this Mother’s Day. Be inspired by our range of bakes from lemon drizzle cake to delicious watermelon and rose layer cake.

World baking Day_listing.jpg World baking Day_listing.jpg

What to bake for World Baking Day 2022

World Baking Day is the perfect excuse to don your apron, roll up your sleeves and try out a new baking recipe. From crumbly cookies to celebration cakes, here are some of our favourite bakes for you to try at home.

222579_HMB40_Triblade-XL_Purée-and-Masher_Fishcakes_1000x667.jpg 222579_HMB40_Triblade-XL_Purée-and-Masher_Fishcakes_1000x667.jpg

Delicious lunch ideas for Easter weekend

Bring together friends and family this Easter weekend to enjoy a delicious feast with dishes such as smoked mackerel pâté, tender herb crusted rack of lamb, and indulgent hot cross bun and butter pudding.

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Ultimate Easter Bakes

Celebrate Easter with friends and family by sharing some of these special seasonal bakes- perfect for gifts or for enjoying together.

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Christmas baking recipes

We've pulled together our favourite festive bakes to make over the Christmas period. From Gingerbread to Stollen...there will be lots of happy faces this Christmas.

rustic pizza_listing.jpg rustic pizza_listing.jpg

Pizza dough do's and don'ts

Fancy creating delicious tasting, authentic pizza at home? We’ll show you just how simple it is to make dough using your stand mixer and produce a classic thin crust pizza that tastes like it's come straight out of Naples. From tips on how to prove and knead your dough to the ideal cooking temperatures and topping choices, we’ll help you bring a taste of Italy into your home.

Christmas Food Favourites Around The World_Desktop 490x320.jpg Christmas Food Favourites Around The World_Desktop 490x320.jpg

Christmas Food favourites around the world

Explore traditional Christmas makes and bakes from around the world this holiday period. From Buche de Noel to Chocolate Polvorones...you might discover a new favourite

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Homemade Christmas gifts

Homemade Christmas gifts are such a joy to make...and receive. Package up your foodie treats in recyclable boxes decorated with twine and festive foliage.