Christmas Food Favourites
from Around the World

Christmas is about bringing family and friends together, exchanging gifts and, of course, food. Food plays a major part in the seasonal celebrations the world over, but the traditional festive fare served up differs greatly from country to country. Here are some mouthwatering international treats for you to create at home using your Kenwood products this holiday season- and perhaps even incorporate into your family’s annual celebrations for years to come.


Bûche de Noël

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Also known as yule log, the origins of this traditional French Christmas cake are thought to date back to pagan times. This failsafe recipe guides you through how to use your Titanium Chef Patissier XL to create this delicious chocolate sponge roulade, filled with cream and raspberries and smothered with a rich dark chocolate ganache. The perfect alternative to Christmas pudding, it’s guaranteed to be popular with guests young and old over the holidays.

Mince pies

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Nothing marks the beginning of the festivities in the UK quite like eating your first mince pies of the year and you can usually spot them in the supermarkets as early as September! Bursting with dried fruit and spice, these buttery pastry parcels have been baked for Christmas since the Middle Ages, although the recipe has evolved a bit since then. 


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A real Christmas showstopper, panettone is a tall, domed Italian sweetbread, packed with candied fruit and citrus flavours. It makes a wonderful gift and can be baked well in advance, keeping for several weeks if wrapped in cellophane and stored in a sealed container. 


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A German festive favourite, stollen is a rich fruit loaf made with yeast and filled with marzipan. Wonderfully moist and full of flavour, it’s finished off with a thick dusting of icing sugar to resemble a winter snowscape. Best served warm, sliced and spread with butter, jam or honey.

Christmas pudding

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Considered the only truly fitting end to the traditional Christmas dinner in many households across the UK, the origins of Christmas pudding date back to medieval times. 

This rich and fruity festive favourite is traditionally made on Stir-Up Sunday; a ritual starting in Victorian times  when the whole family would gather together to each stir the pudding on the last Sunday before Advent. But it can be made months in advance using your stand mixer, meaning that’s one bit of festive prep you can tick off the to-do list early.  Once cooked store in a cool, dark place or in the fridge until the big day and then reheat in the oven or microwave, or steam gently on the hob. Decorate with some icing sugar and a sprig of holly and enjoy with a generous helping of brandy butter.

Brandy Butter

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Traditionally served dolloped onto mince pies or Christmas pudding, brandy butter is a blend of just three ingredients-making it super easy to whip up using your stand mixer.


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Flavoured with almonds and dusted with icing sugar, these crumbly cookies are similar to shortbread and a traditional Christmas holiday treat in Spain. In this recipe we have given them a twist by adding cocoa powder and hazelnut chocolate spread to the dough.

Mulled Wine

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A warming glass of mulled wine is the perfect way to usher in the festivities, although its origins actually go back to Roman times when it was drunk by soldiers to help stave off the cold. This recipe lets your Cooking Chef XL take care of everything, so you can get back to decking the halls and trimming the tree as the aromas of spice and citrus fill your home.

Spanish Nougat

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Spanish nougat, or turrón, is a traditional festive confectionary with Moorish origins. With only a few ingredients these treats are so easy to make using your Cooking Chef XL, which you use to first roast the almonds before heating up and combining the nougat mixture. Perfect for gifting-or keeping all to yourself!

Vegan Saffron Buns

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These buttery, saffron-infused sweet rolls are a Swedish Christmas favourite, enjoyed throughout Advent. The dough is shaped into a distinctive ’S' shape and brushed with milk before baking to give the buns a wonderfully golden colour. Delicious fresh from the oven with your morning coffee, this recipe makes 16 buns using the Titanium Chef Baker XL.

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