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Beginner’s Guide to Using a Food Processor

Designed to make creating fresh homemade food quicker and easier, the food processor’s sheer versatility makes it the unsung hero of most kitchens. In fact, there’s very few food prep tasks it can’t help you with, saving you valuable time and effort so that you can get on with being creative.

But if you’re relatively new to using one of these multi-tasking kitchen gadgets it’s easy to be a bit overwhelmed by how and when to use all the various discs and attachments. So here’s the lowdown on getting the most from your food processor. Once you know how much it can do, we guarantee you’ll never look back.


The basics on how a food processor works

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The basics on how a food processor works

Think of a food processor as an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. A good model can chop, slice, grate, grind, whisk, blend, purée and knead-making light work of some of the more time and labour intensive kitchen prep work. They come in varying capacities and with multiple different tools and attachments which are each designed to tackle a specific task in seconds. Some of our models like the MultiPro Excel or MultiPro Compact+ even have built in digital scales so you can weigh your ingredients directly into the bowl. 

What size food processor do I need?

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When considering what size food processor you need, think about how you will be using it-for instance, will you often be prepping food for larger groups of people, as well as how much space you have on your worktop and in your cupboards to store it. Our food processors come in a range of sizes. Generally the larger models will have more features and functions, like the MultiPro Excel which is our largest premium food processor and blender with a 4 litre capacity bowl.

If you’re short on storage space in your kitchen our MultiPro range includes a dual drive base for food processor bowls and blenders to save you valuable space. We also have more compact models like the MultiPro Express, which is our smallest 3 litre processor. Designed to maximise workspace and minimise storage, it’s compact enough to sit on your worktop but still more than serves the needs of a family cook.

Choosing the right food processor

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As well as thinking about the size of food processor you need, consider what tasks you need it to perform, both now and in the future. Most models will come with a selection of standard blades and discs, but more advanced models come with an array of additional attachments and different sized discs and blades, which will open up a new world of possibilities and allow you to really experiment.
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If you’re a keen smoothie drinker or make a lot of soups it would make sense to buy a model which also has a blender attachment. The more functions a model can perform, the more appliance boxes it ticks.
When choosing a food processor it is also important you buy one with a powerful motor, and a strong, durable unit. The entire range of Kenwood food processors boast the strongest motors and have been made with robust finishes in either plastic or high quality metal. Our MultiPro range also feature shatterproof, impact resistant and dishwasher safe Eastman Tritan™ Bowls. Our products are built to be used regularly- and to last.

Understanding food processor tools and attachments

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Attachments and functions vary depending on the model, but here is a summary of some of the key attachments and tools for Kenwood food processors. Each one is designed to deliver quick, precise and consistent results, every time:

Knife blades: Our micro-serrated knife blades are one of the most versatile food processor attachments, designed to take on a range of food prep tasks

Slicing discs: Made from durable stainless steel, slicing discs deliver evenly sized, precision-cut slices

Grating discs: Effortlessly grating large quantities of cheese or vegetables in seconds

Whisk tool: Our unique dual metal whisk creates light and airy meringues and perfect whipped cream, without any mess

Dough tool: Make delicious bread, pasta and pizza dough in minutes, without any of the hard work of hand mixing and kneading. The dough tool also ensures all your ingredients are mixed consistently

Folding tool: Recreates the classic bakers’ folding technique to make mouthwatering cakes, mousses and meringues

Citrus juicer: Enjoy making fresh lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange juice in mere moments, with no pulp

The main uses of a food processor

A good food processor is a cook’s best friend in the kitchen-whizzing through time-consuming food prep tasks in minutes. Here’s just some of the ways you can use a food processor to make creating tasty homemade food quicker and easier:

Chopping fruit and vegetables

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Chopping, grating, slicing-this is where your food processor can really save you time and effort in the kitchen; allowing you to prep large quantities of fruit and vegetables in no time at all. The MultiPro Excel’s extra wide feed tube means you can add large ingredients such as whole onions or potatoes without having to prepare them first, while the MultiPro Express has an Express Serve™ attachment which allows you to grate, slice and dice straight onto your dish or pan, with no need to wash the main bowl!

Making soup

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Turn your left over veg into a wholesome vegetable soup using your food processor. Our MultiPro Excel, MultiPro Sense and MultiPro Classic models have ThermoResist blenders, made of specially designed heatproof glass, meaning you can blend piping hot or very cold ingredients without worrying about cracking or shattering the glass-just remember never to overfill the jug. You can find more of our delicious soup recipes here.

Making smoothies and milkshakes

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Start your day with a vitamin-packed energy boost. You can whizz up a nutritious berry smoothie in seconds using your blender jug, which comes with all the models in our versatile MultiPro range. The blender attachment can also be used to make milkshakes, and even cocktails. For some liquid refreshment inspiration check out some of our drinks recipes, all of which can be made using your food processor. 

Creating fresh fruit juice

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You don't need a separate juicer to start each day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The citrus press attachment allows you to juice a large quantity of fruit quickly, without mess or fuss. Try adding grapefruit, lemon or lime for an added zesty kick. 

Making French fries

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Yes, you can even use some of our food processors to make French fries! The MultiPro Excel, our top of the range model, comes with a french fry disc which allows you to make perfect, consistently sized fries in seconds.
For a different take on fries, try our recipe for Baked Courgette Fries

Making sauces and dips

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It’s quick and easy to make your favourite sauces, pesto, dips and dressings in your food processor. Simply throw your ingredients into the bowl and pulse to your desired consistency. And because you get to decide what goes into them (and what stays out), homemade versions can be much healthier than what you’d find in the shops, with far less salt and no preservatives. Whizz this fresh, chunky salsa up in minutes, or try this delicious falafel with tahini sauce recipe-great served as a starter or light lunch.

Food processor safety tips

All our food processors are engineered to make food preparation simple and safe, but as with any electrical appliance with moving parts, there are a few common sense safety precautions to bear in mind when using them:

Keep hands and utensils away from the blades:

Always turn the power off at the mains before putting your hands or any utensils near the blades. Only add ingredients to the bowl via the feed tube when the machine is in use, and never leave children unattended near sharp parts or a machine that is plugged in.

Keep processor away from liquids when it is turned on

Take care when pouring liquids in to or out of the food processor, ensuring the power cord and socket stay dry.

Clean and dry thoroughly after use 

Once you’ve finished using your processor turn it off and unplug. Remove the bowl from the power unit before carefully removing any blades or cutting discs. Wash with warm soapy water-most attachments are dishwasher safe but always check individual product instructions. Wipe the power unit with a damp cloth to remove any food residue and dry-never submerge in water. Always turn the appliance off at the mains and unplug when not in use.

Accessories and attachments

Only use official Kenwood accessories and attachments with your food processor. 

Discover our range of recipes that can be made with a food processor

From dinner party starters and sharing snacks like gyoza dumplings, through to main meals including pies and curries,  sauces, desserts and cakes and even refreshing drinks, there is no limit to what you can create with a little help from your food processor.

If you’re looking for some inspiration why not check out our collection of recipes especially designed by our chefs for the Kenwood food processor range.

Explore the Kenwood range

Whether you’re looking for a food processor blender combination model that really can do it all, or a space-saving machine that won’t dominate your kitchen, we have a superb range of market-leading, multifunctional food processors for you to choose from.

Explore the Kenwood range of food processors, and get ready to create a world of new tasty and exciting homemade meals, no matter how much time you have to spare. What shall we make today?