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Welcome to a world of limitless potential


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HOW TO Set a custom preset Create a preset unique to you. Set once, use again and again.
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HOW TO Slice or grate direct to plate Limitless grating and slicing directly onto a serving dish or into a saucepan.

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Carrot Cake Deliciously moist carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting. A quick and easy recipe, perfect if you have family visiting.
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Beetroot and Goat's Cheese Flatbread Flatbread topped with pesto, beetroot and goat's cheese. Ideal sharing food, perfect for parties.
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MultiPro OneTouch_Kale and kiwi smoothie bowl_side (1).jpg
Green Smoothie Bowl A refreshing tropical breakfast that's a great way to start the day. See Recipe
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Watermelon Ice Crush A quick refreshing drink perfect for picnics and summer parties.
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How do I use the OneTouch™ presets?

There are three unique OneTouch™ presets for use with the food processor bowl and three for use with the blender. Attach either the food processor bowl or blender to the base unit and add your ingredients, then add the lid. The attachment and lid need to be locked in place for the machine to operate. To do this, ensure that the attachment and lid are aligned, and turn to lock until you hear a click. When correctly assembled all icons will be lit and the screen will display "00:00". If you see four dashes on the screen display, then the attachment or lid are not properly locked in place. Select the required preset by pressing the icon and the programme will start. The speed of the machine will change as the programme runs, varying between continuous processing and pulsing. The timer will count down and the machine will automatically stop processing when the timer reaches zero. The programmes are designed to be used continuously and cannot be paused part way through. You can cancel the preset programme during processing by pressing the icon again. This will cancel the programme and reset the machine to "00:00".

What is the Custom OneTouch™ preset and how do I record one?

The Custom OneTouch™ preset allows you to create a personalised a preset for your favourite recipe. By recording the series of speeds, you can create your own programme to ensure that the consistency and texture are precisely how you want. Then you can simply repeat with a single touch next time you want to create this dish again – saving time, effort and ensuring perfect results every time. To record your own Custom OneTouch™ preset. First, attach the bowl/blender and add your ingredients, then secure the lid. Next, press and hold the custom icon until the light above it turns orange and the screen displays "REC". Record your sequence using the manual speed and pulse settings. To save the sequence, press and hold the custom icon again until the light above stops flashing and stays solid orange, the screen will display "REC end". Now when you want to create the same recipe you can simply add the ingredients to the bowl/blender and press the custom icon. Note that one custom preset can be stored at a time and recording again will overwrite any existing programme.

How do I use the weighing feature?

You can weigh either directly into the bowl/blender or on the weighing tray, the steps for using the scales are the same with either option. Add the bowl/ blender/ weighing tray to the base unit. Touch the "Zero" icon and the display will change to "0g". You can add additional bowls on top of the weighing tray if required, just touch the "zero" icon to reset the scales. You can change the units to lbs/oz by touching the "kg/lb" icon. Add your ingredients and the display will show the increasing weight. If you wish to weigh multiple ingredients you can resets the scale by touching the "zero" icon.

How do I use the blender?

Simply assemble the blender to the base unit, by twisting to lock in place. There is a small triangle on both the blender and base unit to indicate the drop on and lock positions. Note that the blender must be locked in place to operate - the handle should face the front right corner. Add your ingredients and lock on the lid, the lid must also be locked in place for the blender to operate. Now you're ready to blend!

There are 4 dashes blinking on the screen what does this mean?

When the machine is ready for use the display will show "00:00". When four dashes are displayed it indicates that the safety interlocks are not engaged. The lid and the bowl need to be locked in place for the machine to operate. Check that the bowl is interlocked onto the unit - the handle should be at the front right and clicked into place. The lid should also be locked in place on the bowl.