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Step into a world where perfect blends, delightful doughs, and impeccably crushed ice are just a touch away

The MultiPro OneTouch™ is your secret weapon for a range of tasks – from kneading dough to pureeing fruits and even tidying up afterwards. Each preset is a promise of flawless results, taking the guesswork out of your culinary adventures. Plus, with our curated recipes, you're not just cooking – you're creating kitchen masterpieces with ease  and confidence.

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OneTouch™ Blend

Blend to impress: effortless perfection with OneTouch™

Craving the smoothest, homemade drink? Fancying wowing your guests with a fresh kale and kiwi smoothie bowl? It’s easy, with OneTouch™. Engineered for top-notch performance, our powerful blender, whips up perfectly snowy textures, ensuring every sip and bite is a delightful experience. Embrace the simplicity of perfect blends, and let OneTouch™ be your secret to culinary success.

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OneTouch™ Ice Crush

Chill out with one touch

Whether it's cocktails for a party of four or a refreshing iced latte on a sunny afternoon, get your ice crushed to snowy perfection in half the time. The OneTouch™ Ice Crush technology goes beyond speed, ensuring the smoothest, most delightful icy textures. Sip on your favourite chilled drinks or explore new flavours like a watermelon ice crush, all effortlessly chilled to perfection, with just OneTouch™.

*vs. Kenwood FP190, tested with 10 ice cubes

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OneTouch™ Food Prep

Chef’s touch at your fingertips

Imagine whipping up a delicious carrot cake without fretting over ingredient combinations. The mix preset will blends everything for you, perfect for all-in-one cake mixes, brownies, pastries, and more. Fancy a beetroot and goat cheese flatbread on the dinner table tonight? The dough function on OneTouch™ handles a variety of bread types and quantities with ease. And for a quick snack, try a peach puree. The purée preset is ideal for breaking down ingredients into smooth, delightful textures, perfect for hummus, pesto, or vegetable purées.

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Slice, Grate, Serve

Express Serve is your kitchen's new best friend.

Turning tedious prep into a swift, satisfying experience with Express Serve, you're not just preparing food; you're streamlining your entire cooking process. Imagine slicing and grating directly onto your plate or into a saucepan – it's quick, consistent, and cleverly designed to minimise mess.Beyond saving time; you transform it. With limitless capacity and reduced need for cleanup, you avoid contaminating the main bowl, making your cooking experience smoother and more enjoyable.

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EasyWeigh Scales

Embrace cluttered-free counters with Kenwood's unique Integrated Digital Weighing.

Why juggle with separate scales when you can weigh ingredients right in your bowl or blender? Simplify your cooking with our integrated digital weighing system. Designed for maximum efficiency and ease, it features a convenient tare function for weighing multiple ingredients in sequence. Plus, an included weighing tray that turns your food processor into a standalone scale. Streamlined, mess-free, and precise – it's the weighing solution you've been waiting for.

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Custom OneTouch™

Your recipes, Your rules.

Introducing a feature that's as unique as your taste – create your own preset with Custom OneTouch™. Program your favourite setting once, and enjoy its convenience each time you use it. Whether it's your energising morning smoothie or that perfectly chunky salsa, get it just right, every time. Dial in your ideal settings for anything from velvety lattes to hearty salsas. Record, replicate, and relish the consistent results. Your culinary creations, tailored to your taste, are now effortlessly accessible with OneTouch™ .

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Simplifying cleaning

The hassle-free way to keep your blender spotless.

Love blending but dread the cleanup? We've got you covered. With the OneTouch™ blender's clean preset, a quick rinse is all it takes to get your blender ready for its next adventure. Just a touch, and your blender is as good as new, saving you time and hassle. So go ahead, blend to your heart's content – we'll handle the mess!

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