Meat Free May

Going meat free for a month can offer big benefits to your health, the environment, and even your pocket. This month on our Official Facebook page we are posting some great meat free ideas for you to try, all of which you can make with your Kenwood Chef mixer and attachments. The options are endless with the Chef, and attachments such as pasta cutters, food processors, blenders and grain mills to name but a few. Everything is quicker and easier, and you will love the results you get no matter what you are creating.


Save money and try new things

Meat accounts for a large proportion of many a family shopping list, and the price continues to rise. Pound for pound, going meat free will leave plenty of extra pennies for delicious desserts. There are lots of recipes on our website, from the easiest of cakes and biscuits to extravagant toffee pudding and luxurious tiramisu. Yummy!

To save even more, consider buying your vegetables in a 'veggie box', which are often packed with seasonal vegetables from local sources. Frozen and canned vegetables can substitute fresh ingredients when your favourites are out of season, and cooking extra portions can save time and money too. 

Can't manage a whole month with no meat?

Even if you cannot miss out on that bacon buttie for a whole month, why not try going meat free for a few days a week? According to studies, eating less meat, particularly red meat and processed meat, can have huge beneficial effects in the fight against cancer and heart disease. 

No matter how many "meat free" days you try, we are certain you will discover new favourites along the way, and your taste-buds won`t be missing out. 

What's on the menu this May?

Can`t wait a whole month for all these scrumptious recipes? We can`t blame you! Our menu this month is crammed with tasty ingredients, most of which are easily purchased from your local grocer or supermarket. 
View our full Menu below, and visit our recipe section for lots of other brilliant meat free recipe ideas. 

Where can I find out more?

Below are links where you can find out more about the health benefits of going meat free for a month, a week, or even a few days a week. 

  • The Friends of the Earth  - Packed full of helpful advice and lots of information about going Meat Free. Plus find out how going meat free will help the planet and save you money on your weekly shopping bill.

  • The NHS can offer you tonnes of information on maintaining a healthy diet when you go meat free for May. 

  • The Vegetarian Society - Lots of helpful advice about ensuring you have a fabulously healthy diet when you "Go Veggie" for the month

  • Sorted Food - Recipes, recipes and more recipes - use the filter and choose from Vegetarian, Vegan and even Gluten Free recipes galore. Quick, simple food and low cost, and lots of video guide to get you started. 

  • The Kenwood Facebook Page - This is where you will see a daily recipe to inspire you and keep up the variety during your meat free month. We can guarantee you will find lots of new favourites here.

  • The Kenwood Instagram Page - Post your meals here - remember to tag us @kenwoodworld and include you #meatfreemay hashtags!