MultiPro Compact FDP31.170GY Food Processor & Blender


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The original all-in-one food processor is now even better, with a compact footprint to save space on your worktop or in your kitchen drawers and in bowl stackable storage to keep all of the tools in one place. Meal prep has never been so easy.

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Chop, slice, grate, mix and emulsify all from one compact appliance. With a powerful 800W motor, anything from fresh salads with home made mayonnaise, to delicious burgers, koftas, dips and salsa are yours for the making. Your MultiPro Compact will be by your side for all your favourite recipes.


In bowl stackable storage for all your tools; emulsifying disc, slicing and grating disc, dough tool and knife blade, keeps the appliance elements together and your kitchen clutter free.


Lightweight Blender
Lightweight Blender Includes a sturdy yet lightweight plastic blender. Ideal for soups, smoothies and shakes.
Easy to read icons
Easy to read icons Always use the right speed for your task with the easy to read graphic panel. Knowing when to pulse for best results, and when sometimes less power will get the job done better, is a breeze.
Easy access feed tube
Easy access feed tube The front facing feed tube makes it easy to add ingredients while still processing, and the ml / fl oz calibrations marked on the pusher are great for adding liquids to your mix.
Dishwasher safe
Dishwasher safe With dishwasher safe tools and bowl, the clean up is just as quick and easy as your meal prep.


všeobecné špecifikácie

Hmotnosť: 2.3kg
Materiál tela: Plastic
Veľkosť (D x Š x V): 20.0(L) x 19.0(W) x 36.5(H) (cm)
Materiál misy: Plastic
Materiál mixéra: Plastic
Rýchlosti: 2 + Pulse
Materiál čepele: Stainless Steel
Farba: Slate Grey


Nástroj na cesto: Áno
Emulgačný nástroj: Áno
2-in-1 Slicing/Grating Disc: Áno
Chopping Knife Blade: Áno
: Áno


Veľkosť misy: 2.1L
Suchý objem pracovnej misy: 1.2kg
Objem kvapaliny v pracovnej mise: 1.2L
Objem mixéra: 1.2L


: Áno
Diely vhodné do umývačky riadu: Áno
Úložný priestor na káble: Áno
Nešmykľavé nožičky: Áno
Stierka: Áno
Čepeľ noža z nehrdzavejúcej ocele: Áno
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MultiPro Compact FDP31.170GY Food Processor & Blender

MultiPro Compact FDP31.170GY Food Processor & Blender

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