Which attachments can I use with my kMix?

Sleek, stylish and ready to tackle whatever you throw at it, there’s a reason why the iconic KMix has been trusted by generations of bakers and cooks.

From the roto food cutter to the pasta expert attachment, our range of specially designed attachments expand its capabilities even further, allowing you to get even more from your KMix.


Kenwood kMix attachments

Kmix_Silver_KMX760ACH_Pasta_Roller.jpg Kmix_Silver_KMX760ACH_Pasta_Roller.jpg
With a 1000w motor and selection of high-performance bowl tools, your kMix is ready to help you mix, knead and whip your way to superior baking and cooking results, every time.

But thanks to our range of optional attachments, that’s only just the beginning. Working from the slow speed hub at the front of your mixer, we have attachments that can grate, mince, grind, spiralize, slow juice, roll pasta... the list goes on. Customise your kMix with the attachments that suit your needs and discover just how much you can do.

Roto food cutter attachment

KAX643ME_Roto Food Cutter_03.jpg KAX643ME_Roto Food Cutter_03.jpg
Use the roto food cutter attachment to whizz through a range of food prep tasks in no time.

Finely or coarsely shred, slice or rasp harder ingredients like carrots, cucumbers, onions, cabbages, chocolate, nuts and hard cheeses to the exact thickness you need, thanks to the attachment’s 5 differently sized stainless steel drums. It’s perfect for shredding vegetables for coleslaws, chopping nuts or chocolate for cake making or grating cheese to top a comforting pasta bake.

Fruit press attachment

Boost your daily vitamin intake with the fruit press attachment, which squeezes every last drop of goodness from fruits like berries, as well as ingredients like mint leaves to create freshly made, flavour-filled purées and juices.

The slow rotating scroll crushes ingredients to release all the available juice, even when working with fine or small ingredients, while because the attachment is designed without a bowl to allow continuous action, it’s perfect for processing even large quantities.

Blend Xtract Sport attachment

Make your own delicious smoothies, juices and milkshakes just the way you like them with the Blend Xtract Sport attachment. Whether you want to whizz up something nourishing to refuel with post-workout or create a nutritious breakfast or healthy snack to enjoy on the go, this handy attachment makes it quick, easy and mess-free to ensure you always get your 5-a-day.

Simply add your ingredients, twist and go. The attachment includes two 600ml shatterproof bottles with lids, so there’s no need to transfer your delicious drink to another bottle before you enjoy it.

Pasta expert – Lasagne, fettuccine, spaghetti

Kmix_Silver_KMX760ACH_Pasta_Roller_1584x1200.jpg Kmix_Silver_KMX760ACH_Pasta_Roller_1584x1200.jpg
Transform your kMix into a pasta maker with the pasta expert lasagne, fettucine and spaghetti attachment. Make your pasta dough in your mixer and then use the attachment and one of the three cutters to effortlessly roll out silky pasta sheets or cut perfectly uniform spaghetti or fettuccine.

Team your delicious homemade fresh pasta with one of your favourite sauces and impress your family and friends with an authentic taste of Italy.
From food mincers to spiralizer attachments, our extensive range of attachments opens up a world of possibilities for you and your kMix to explore. Discover the full range here.