Your guide to Kenwood hand mixers
and stand mixers

A mixer is far more than a kitchen appliance. It’s an indispensable tool for any baker, but it can also be an essential helper when you’re feeding the family, a time-saver when life gets busy, and a way to express yourself with more creative dishes. When a mixer means so much, you want to make sure you choose the right one. Let us make it easier, with our guide to our mixer family.


What is the difference between a hand mixer and a stand mixer?

First, it’s worth pointing out that there are two main types of mixer. A hand mixer, which is hand-held; and a stand mixer, which is larger with a bowl attached to a fixed stand.
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Hand mixers

Hand mixers are easy-to-use, highly economical and a lot less effort than mixing by hand. They save you a lot of time and work compared to mixing by hand – but still give you control to mix just the way you like it. You can also use hand mixers with any sized bowl. 

Because hand mixers have detachable beaters, they can be compact enough to fit in a kitchen drawer, not to mention highly portable and easy to clean.

​​​​​​​What can you make with a hand mixer?
A hand mixer can help with all kinds of baking recipes, including beating egg whites, whipping cream, cakes and batters; as well as other mixing jobs, such as bread and buns.

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The Kenwood difference

Our hand mixers give you maximum control with minimum effort. With variable speeds and a choice of tools including beaters and kneaders, they can quickly mix the perfect texture and consistency.

If you need even more capability – when you’re mixing larger cakes, for instance – take a look at our stand and mixer bowl. It has the flexibility of a hand mixer, but can be attached to a stand with a fitted bowl for loads that need more work.

See our whole range of hand mixers.
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Stand mixers

Many creative bakers and cooks can’t live without a stand mixer. These machines have the power, capacity and tools to help you mix, knead and whisk. Plus, you can let them work while you get on with other jobs.

As good stand mixer gives you time and opportunity to explore all kinds of bakes, new recipes and flavours. Most stand mixers usually include three bowl tools as standard to mix, knead and whisk, as well as a choice of optional attachments that you can switch and configure to suit you. There’s also enough power to handle large quantities and tougher mixes with ease.

As the stand mixer does most of the hard work for you, there’s less strain on your arms. It can also save you time as, for instance, kneading with a mixer is far quicker than doing it by hand. While it’s true that stands mixers can come at premier price, they’re a valuable investment that will take pride of place on the kitchen counter and give you a lifetime of creativity and incredible food.

What can you make with a stand mixer?

Baking is the main reason to choose a stand mixer, as they make light work of pastry, cakes, bread, meringues and more. With the right attachments, they’ll also help you prepare all kinds of food – from juice and mince, to homemade pasta.

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​​​​​The Kenwood difference
Our stand mixers are loaded with smart features, plus a range of bowl tools as standard – including a whisk, a dough hook and the legendary K-beater (designed for a more consistent mix). Some products also come with a creaming beater and folding tool, plus there’s over 25 attachments, including a pasta roller, juicer and food processor. As an expert in food preparation for over 70 years, we’re always looking for innovative new ways to help cooks.

One of the best things about our stand mixers is that they’re always evolving, with some models offering intelligent features such as in-bowl weighing or warming bowls for melting and proving.​​​​​​​