What can I use the Kenwood food processor attachment for?

The food processor attachment ensures your stand mixer does all the hard work as you whizz through multiple food preparation tasks, saving you time and effort and giving you the confidence to unleash your culinary creativity.

We’ve included some of our favourite recipes that you can make with it to inspire you, including a crunchy coleslaw and an impressive fruit galette.


What can I do with the food processor attachment?

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From stir-fries and sauces to dips and desserts, the food processor attachment will support you in making an endless variety of dishes as it chops, slices, grates, shreds, dices and purées ingredients with ease.

Working from your stand mixer’s high-speed outlet, this multi-functional attachment takes all the hassle out of normally time-consuming food prep tasks to deliver precise results. It’s easy to use, compact to store, and when you’re finished, all parts are dishwasher-safe for a fuss-free clean up.

What is in the box?

The food processor attachment includes:
  • Sharp and durable knife blade that powers through meat, vegetables, cheese and nuts, and can also be used for making pâtes, pastry, sauces, dips and breadcrumbs.
  • 6-in-1 adjustable slicing disc: 1 disc with 6 different options, enabling you to precision grate or slice ingredients to just the thickness you require. Choose from extra fine grating, fine grating, coarse grating, thin slicing, thick slicing and julienne slicing.
  • Generous 1.2L bowl allows you to prep for feeding a crowd, or batch cook for the freezer.

Express dice

Cut perfect crudités and delicious homemade fries and evenly dice vegetables for salads and salsas with the patented Express Dice™ system.

Ideal for using with ingredients like potato, carrot, courgette, onion or cucumber, simply place your ingredient in the feed tube and push through the grid with the pusher to effortlessly dice in mere seconds.

Recipe inspiration

Kenwood-cauli_pizza_crust.jpg Kenwood-cauli_pizza_crust.jpg
  • The attachment’s different slicing discs allow you to create the varying textures in this tangy red cabbage coleslaw with ease, which can be made from scratch in just 10 minutes. The perfect accompaniment to grilled meats, it can also be used to add colour and crunch to your favourite sandwich.
  • For a low-carb, gluten-free pizza base that everyone will enjoy, use the food processor attachment to make this cauliflower pizza crust. The dough is a simple blend of blitzed cauliflower, egg, grated mozzarella and herbs, and it works well with any of your favourite toppings.
  • Try these delicious, gooey courgette brownies which uses the Knife Blade to purée the courgette into the batter – great for using up a leftover courgette.  
  • With layers of homemade ice cream and jelly, this strawberry ice cream terrine is destined to become a family favourite. Use the food processor attachment to purée the ingredients for both the ice cream and the jelly, before transferring to the frozen dessert maker attachment to set.  
Our extensive range of versatile attachments can turn your stand mixer into a pasta maker, blender, spiralizer, meat grinder... the list goes on. Are you ready to discover just how much more your stand mixer can do? Explore the full range here.