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Meet the bakers

Style and substance join forces in Kenwood’s newest range of mixers.
Sleek flowing lines combine with an impressively powerful 1200W motor to ensure your mixer can stand the heat of your kitchen bake after bake. With integrated scales built into every model as standard, the Titanium Chef Baker makes baking a breeze.
Titanum Chef Baker XL_Core_Top_Down_with_Food_500x430v2.jpg

Your Chef that Weighs

Chef Baker .85

Silver Baker is a master of quality, including stainless steel whisks and two bowls...
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ChefBakerPSP_Style and Substance.jpg

Looks good, mixes great!

With a sleek curved form, a polished handled bowl (cleverly hiding a second smaller bowl), and two tone head and body, this Chef is built to bake. Two mixing bowls minimise the mid-recipe clean up and the built in scales simplify adding ingredients to your recipe.

ChefBakerPSP_Easy way to weigh.jpg

Easy way
to weigh

Ditch your kitchen scales, the path to simpler bakes is your Titanium Chef Baker stand mixer. With built in scales on all models you can weigh ingredients directly into the bowl as you go. In fact, every point of the machine weighs, so if using attachments you can also weigh directly into the blender, food processor, frozen dessert maker…

ChefBakerPSP_Meet Bakers.jpg

Pleasure and performance

The performance is key across the Baker range, all come with a 1200W motor, however the .85 silver model also features high quality stainless steel tools. Dishwasher safe, they will keep on baking as long as you do, giving delicious results with every mix.

Titanium Chef Baker XL_Lite_Top_Down_with_Food_500x430v2.jpg
Titanium Chef Baker XL_Lite_Front Higher_500x430.jpg

Your Chef that Weighs

Chef Baker .65

Introducing the Chef Baker range in white, with aluminium coated tools and brushed stainless steel bowl...
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BakerPopTop_Kenwood_Colour_Top_change_1x1.mp4- (1).gif

Our first customisable Chef

Add a splash of colour to your mixer with the interchangeable PopTop on the Chef Baker .65 model (white). Available in a range of colours with limited editions released throughout the year, your mixer can change as often as you wish.

ChefBakerPSP_White Intro.jpg

Your Chef,
your way

As well as the customisable PopTops, you can choose to get your .65 model in either standard (5L bowl) or XL size, with a generous 7L capacity large enough for your biggest bakes. The three aluminium coated baking tools with the white model ensure you are ready to go as soon as you open the box.

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