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Mini choppers & food processors: how do they compare?

When it comes to speeding up food prep tasks, mini choppers and food processors both come in very handy, helping you to spend less time chopping and more time creating. But while they will both help you prep like a pro, when it comes to their size and functionality, there are key differences.

In this short guide we’ll explain what each of them can do, so you can decide which one is the right tool for you.


What is a mini chopper?

CHP61_All-White_Easy-Chop_Adding_Parmesan_1584x1200.jpg CHP61_All-White_Easy-Chop_Adding_Parmesan_1584x1200.jpg
Small but mighty, the EasyChop mini chopper makes fast work of prepping small quantities of ingredients to make dips, marinades and sauces like salsa or guacamole. It’s super simple to use, easy to clean, and compact to store away, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

Main features:
  • Easy to use one-handed control with 2 speeds
  • Quad blade system for fast and even chopping
  • 500W motor that can tackle even hard ingredients effortlessly
  • 500ml bowl capacity
  • Mayonnaise attachment for making delicious homemade mayo
  • Ice crush function for perfectly chilled drinks
  • Compact design, with cable tidy for neat storage
  • Mini spatula included

Food processors

With a larger capacity, more powerful motor and multi-purpose blades and discs, a food processor offers more versatility than a mini-chopper, enabling you to prep large quantities of ingredients quickly and easily, and even knead heavy bread and pizza doughs.

There’s a range of MultiPro models available in different sizes. If you’re short on space but want the capacity and performance of a food processor, the new MultiPro Go delivers limitless slicing, chopping and grating directly into a pan or plate, while still being small enough to store 
away in a drawer or cupboard.

Then there’s the batch-prepping powerhouse that is the MultiPro Excel 10-in-1 (plus weighing), with the power and size to tackle pretty much any culinary challenge.

Main features:
  • Chop, grate, slice, knead, whisk, purée and juice, all with one machine
  • Powerful motor and variable speeds to process even the toughest of ingredients with ease
  • Multiple high-quality tools for different jobs, offering precise and consistent results
  • Time-saving design features like integrated digital weighing, direct to plate prepping and ThermoResist™ glass blenders that can blend piping hot soup without waiting for it to cool down first (features available on selected models)
  • Some larger models have extra wide feed tubes, so there’s no need to cut up larger ingredients before processing 
  • Can be used to make an entire meal from start to finish - such as doing food prep, making pasta dough, making pasta sauce etc 
With different capacities, motors, attachments and special features, you can choose a food processor to meet your needs.

Which appliance should I buy?

MultiPro-Go_Lifestyle_with-red-cabbage_DSC_6190-ALT-1584x1200.jpg MultiPro-Go_Lifestyle_with-red-cabbage_DSC_6190-ALT-1584x1200.jpg
Small in size, easy to use and designed to quickly process smaller quantities, mini choppers are an ideal choice if you’re usually only cooking for one or two people, or if you have limited storage space.

If you’re looking for a true kitchen multi-tasker that can tackle pretty much any food prep task, a food processor might be a better option - especially if you regularly batch-prep meals or cook to feed a crowd.

Combining the simplicity of a chopper with the versatility and capacity of a food processor, the MultiPro Go is our most compact food processor, but still delivers big when it comes to performance.
Mushroom-Bibimbap-2-1584x1200.jpg Mushroom-Bibimbap-2-1584x1200.jpg
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