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Food processor discs and blades explained

Food processors are real all-in-one kitchen heroes that you can use to make anything from curries and cakes to mayonnaise. With just one machine you can slice, grate, chop and julienne- enabling you to whizz through pretty much any food prep task in a fraction of the time and tackle more complex dishes with confidence.

All our MultiPro food processors come with a selection of versatile tools, discs and blades. But with each one designed to perform different tasks and get different results, are you getting the most from your food processor?

Here’s the lowdown on each of the blades and discs, with details on how to use each one.


Micro serrated knife blade

Whether you want to fine cut, coarse chop or puree, your food processor’s micro-serrated blade does it all, with precise and consistent results.

Use it to blitz through vegetables, dice meat and fish, chop nuts and herbs, puree soft fruit, make mayonnaise, dressings and dips, as well as all in one cake mixes. For coarser textures use the pulse function in short bursts.

Need to turn leftover bread into croutons or breadcrumbs? The knife blade will make light work of it. It’s also great for making pastry- just cut your butter into 2cm cubes and add to the bowl straight from the fridge.

Reversible blades

Made from durable stainless steel and coming in both 2mm and 4mm sizes, these reversible blades allow you to slice and grate to different textures, with one side used for slicing, the other for grating.

They can be used with either firm foods like cheese and potato, or softer foods like cucumber or tomatoes. Use them to slice up flat strips of potato for a Dauphinoise bake, or grate carrot and cabbage for a crunchy coleslaw.

Our tip for preparing food for slicing or grating is don’t cut it up too small- ideally it needs to almost fill the width of the feed tube to prevent it from slipping sideways during processing. For longer slices/gratings, put the food into the feed tube horizontally, rather than placing it upright.

Extra fine grating disc

For added versatility, your food processor also comes with an extra fine grating disc, for when a recipe calls for a finer texture. Using this makes easy work of grating even large quantities of hard cheese like parmesan for topping pasta dishes, ginger for stir fries or marinades, carrot for carrot cake, coconut for cakes and biscuits or for rasping potatoes to make potato rostis . And all without scraping your knuckles on a hand-held grater. When working with small amounts of ingredients, use the small feed tube. 

Our food processors

Our food processors are designed to help you get superior results quickly and efficiently, opening up a world of new culinary possibilities as you create delicious homemade dishes from scratch in minutes.

They come in a range of sizes and with different capabilities, from the large capacity MultiPro Excel, which will help you blitz through the food prep for a batch cooking session in no time thanks to the extra wide feed tube and generous 4L bowl, to the MultiPro Express Weigh+, which allows you to grate, slice and dice directly onto a serving dish or into a pan, while the main bowl stays clean. Both of these models also have integrated weighing, so you can weigh ingredients directly into the bowl as you go.

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