Bezpłatne zwroty Darmowa wysyłka powyżej 120 PLN

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Express Serve

Simply swap out the main bowl to slice or grate outside of the machine, directly into a serving dish or pan. Perfect for preparing high volumes in a hurry as the bowl can slice and grate to any capacity you choose.


Knife Blade

The knife blade tool sits in the bottom of the main bowl and can finely chop most ingredients – from herbs to nuts. If switched on for long enough, the knife blade can puree ingredients into a liquid texture. Perfect for creating sauces, dips or even kneading dough.


Slicing and grating disc

The reversable Slicing / Grating Disc can grate like a grater and slice like a knife. Simply flip the disc and insert into the bowl. Perfect for slicing vegetables or grating cheese or onions.


Main Bowl

The bowl holds all the ingredients in one place, so you can keep adding to your creations.

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